The Federated Church of Marlborough
Marlborough, New Hampshire

Community House
160 Main Street
PO Box 176
Marlborough, NH

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Our Community House is a busy place – the hub of Marlborough’s civic, cultural and recreational activity – and a great asset to our church and community.

Its first life was as the Baptist Meeting House. In 1859, when the Baptist congregation grew too few to support a congregation and a facility, the Methodist minister purchased the building for their house of worship. In 1927, the Methodists, Congregationalists and Unitarian - Universalists  merged to form the Federated Church. Its members decided to make their home at the former Congregational Church on Pleasant Street, where we witness and worship today and the Methodist Church facility became our Community House.

It is home, naming only a few, to: local amateur theater plays; a senior exercise group; church suppers; ecumenical events; anniversary, wedding and funeral  receptions; local service organization suppers; and a number of other activities.

We are most proud of Gramma’s Table, a monthly community meal open to all, free of charge. Every month a group signs up to produce a wonderful meal. Among our many “Grammas”and the helpers, in addition to our own church folks, are members of the  Marlborough School faculty, the Marl-Harris Ambulance group and the Marlborough Community Association…... 

The Community House building is offered to the public as an outreach of the Federated Church. The church is able to provide this important facility to the town as a result of the generous gift of Kate K. Davis and Marie L. Davis, and from the additional support of the Federated Church membership. Additional costs are covered by rental fees. For questions about rentals, rates and regulations, call 876-3863.

Fees may be negotiated for non–profit organizations.  A $20 key deposit is required with all rentals.

Please contact the Administrative Secretary of the Church at 876-3863 in order to schedule your event.

Community House of Marlborough Rental Rates

Marlborough Rentals
Out of Town Rentals
Kitchen & Dining Room
Preparation Day
Dining Room Only
                       $95.00                     $180.00
Basement                        $45.00

Rules for Use of the Community House
  1. Scheduling for the use of the Community House is done by the Church Administrative Secretary.
  2. Rental payment is expected at the time the reservation is made.
  3. Groups renting the Community House are responsible for setting up tables and chairs.
  4. Tobacco materials are not permitted in any part of the building.
  5. All Health and Life Safety regulations must be followed. Cooking is Only allowed in Kitchen areas. Common sense is your best guide.
  6. No dishes or other property may be removed from the Community House without prior permission of the Community House Committee.
  7. All kitchen items should be left clean and in the place where they were found. Used dish towels should be left on the drying rack for washing.
  8. Damaged and missing utensils will be charged to the group last using the building.
  9. The refrigerators must be left clean and empty of items used for the event.
  10. Hours needed for rental must be identified at the time of scheduling in order to coordinate custodial coverage.
  11. Only the area rented is to be used.
  12. Adult supervision is required in all areas used.
  13. Before leaving, check all areas – kitchen, dining room, closets, elevator and bathrooms to make sure they are how you found them.  Return thermostat to 55 degrees.
  14. The Elevator outside door must be locked before leaving and sand buckets must be left inside.
  15. Questions, recommendations and problems should be directed to the Church Administrative Secretary. 
Thank You
January 2019

If you need to report a problem about the building contact any one of the following:

Larry Robinson
Ed Goodrich 876-4038
John Gordon 876-4540
David Chase 876-0063
Dean Bennett 876-4668
Norm Bemis 876-3963
Jean Packard 313-4744

Community House Brochure

Directions to the Community House

From the West, along the bypass which is Rt. 101 through Keene

  • Travel about 4 miles on Rt. 101 from the Main Street lights in Keene.
  • At the flashing light in the center of town, the Community House is on the left .

From the East, coming from the direction of Peterborough & Dublin

  • Travel west from Dublin village on Rt. 101, approximately 9 miles.
  • At the flashing light in the center of town, the Community House is on the right.

From the Southeast, coming from the direction of Jaffrey

  • Travel generally northwest on Rt. 124 to the junction of Rt. 101.
  • Turn left on Rt. 101 into Marlborough’s down town area.
  • At the flashing yellow light in the center of town, the Community House is on the right.

From the south, from Troy & Rt. 12

  • Just north of the Troy common, turn right onto Marlborough Road, travel about ˝ mile, turn right at the fork, continue on Marlborough Rd, go about 2 ˝ miles to Rt. 124.
  • At Rt. 124 turn left, go to Rt. 101, turn left, at the next blinking yellow light, the Community House is on the right.